By following the simple steps below, your onyx will maintain its original beauty for many years to come.

Seal it properly.

Use a special sealer to maintain its luminous shine and make the most of its durability. It’s critical to use the a sealer that’s meant for onyx and not just any natural stone sealer. It may be best to have this done by a professional.

Clean up spills immediately.

Don’t use any homemade cleaners, glass/window cleaner, or normal kitchen countertop cleaners, as these could be too acidic. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Instead, use natural cleaning products with a neutral pH and a soft cloth. Use the cleaner applied to a soft cloth. Don’t put the cleaner directly on the countertop, as the onyx may absorb too much of it, doing more harm than good.

Use trivets and cutting boards.

Place hot pots on a trivet, not directly on the countertop. Protect your fine cutlery by using a cutting board, not cutting directly on the stone.

Use coasters and placemats.

Your countertop is an investment in your home and protecting the countertop from food and drink spills will maintain the brand new appearance indefinitely.


  • Formed naturally from layered deposits in warm springs and caves
  • Unique, translucent appearance
  • Beautiful when backlit
  • Usually found in rich, swirling patterns that have a dramatic effect
  • Fragile — not often used for countertops
  • Reacts to common household acids, including vinegar, lemon juice, coffee, and red wine
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